How To Make Acne Disappear Instantly Without Using Makeup

Ever been able to predict where a pimple is about to surface? Try this two-step pre-emptive strike to nix pimples before they start budding.

Innisfree Bija Trouble Spot Essence, $25

Are you a pimple psychic?

Let me explain. I’m uncannily accurate when it comes to predicting the next big breakout, mere minutes before said blemish comes burbling to the surface.

And yet, there’s really no need to get frantic over freshly formed acne. For days when you just know something “spotty” this way comes, whip out your blemish-busting balms and try the following preemptive punch to zap your zits – before things take a turn for the ugly.

In keeping with the critical nature of this crisis of the complexion, let’s get straight to it, shall we. Click through the gallery slides for all the deets, and #GoodLuck!

Try: Innisfree Bija Trouble Spot Essence, $25