11 Makeup Essentials For Those Who Have Oily Skin

Managing oily skin is a tricky thing—anyone who has been battling a shine-prone complexion since puberty would understand. From facial scrubs to spot treatments to purifying masks, who hasn’t gone through their fair share of skincare products in the countless attempts to tackle those pesky zits. And when applying makeup became an everyday thing, the challenge seemed even more daunting. Not only did it become paramount to start double-cleansing so as not to further exacerbate the clogged pores situation, selecting the right makeup products also became a lifelong obsession.

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For starters, many people with oily skin prefer makeup products that feel lightweight so that it doesn’t feel overly heavy or sticky to layer on multiple products. In addition, instead of piling on foundation to mask blemishes or enlarged pores, women are looking for products that contain skincare benefits like regulating sebum production as well as cosmetic benefits like blurring the appearance of pores. To make things easier, here are the absolute essentials that will help you create a flawless base if you have oily skin: