Regular Use Of This Makeup Product May Cause Pimples (And No, It’s Not Your Foundation)

A burning question for the ages – does makeup actually cause acne? We give you the answer you’ve been dying for once and for all, complete with expert advice on wearing makeup without breaking out!

The One Thing Which Could Be Causing Pimple Outbreaks - Featured 1

Certain blusher shades may cause you to break out more than others. Say what? Absolutely mindblowing … but could it possibly be true?

Before we tackle that unbelievable bit of advice, let’s circle back to the critical issue at hand. We’ve all heard of that old chestnut about cosmetics causing acne, but can it really?


It’s an ugly truth, but the answer, unfortunately, is yes. In one disquieting study, 45 percent of the women tested reported adverse skin reactions to their everyday makeup, with 14 percent developing full-blown acne. Makeup-induced acne even has its own medical monicker: Say “acne cosmetica”.    

How to tell if your spots are acne cosmetica or “merely” of the garden variety sort? For starters, you may have a case if your pimples present themselves as pale lumps (sort of like whopping whiteheads) clustered around your chin and cheeks. These breakouts also tend to linger on like an unwanted ex-lover; the result, it seems, of a vicious cycle of slapping on ever more makeup in a desperate attempt to camouflage said acne.

Okay, so now you’re thinking that yes, makeup might be to blame for your blemishes. What next? Here are some proactive steps you can take right now: