10 Shades Of Pink Lipsticks That Look Best On Asian Skin

Navigating pink lipsticks can be a tricky thing. While most people play it safe by sticking to rosy shades, there is an entire range of pink shades that have the potential to brighten your complexion (not to mention giving you endless options to experiment with bolder shades).

So how exactly should women select pink lipsticks? For starters, if you prefer something subtle, look for pink shades that have beige or brown undertones. These options will likely not pop, but they will do a great job in evening out any discolourations on your lips for a natural effect. From there, you can play around with different textures and finishes, as sheer or glossy ones will be great for weekends or making your lips look more pouty while satiny or matte textures tend to look more sophisticated.

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If you don’t mind trying something bolder, opt for pinks that have red or orange undertones. This will ensure that they do not wash you out like bubblegum pink shades might – not to mention they can look at tad too Barbie-ish. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try deeper or darker pinks which venture into berry territory for a dramatic effect. Here, all the best pink lip colours that will flatter Asian skin tones: