The Best BB Cushions With Soft Matte Finish Suitable For Oily Skin

Want cushiony soft complexion?

While “Glass skin” is very much coveted in Korea, these delightfully dewy complexion can be problematic to pull off in Singapore’s searing weather.

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You see, a full face of shine can be incredibly challenging to execute in real life. There’s an exceedingly thin line to tread between glowy and greasy, and we’re wont to cross that line in the perpetually sweaty steam sauna we call home.

The solution? You’re in for a nude awakening with this this carefully curated treasure trove of what I’ve taken to calling “moist matte” cushion compacts, all of which are true “weightless wonders” – welcome watchwords indeed, given the constantly clammy clime of sweltering Singapore. For your perusing and purchasing consideration, please.

Text: Eugene Quek, Her World / Additional reporting: Arissa Ha