The Best Eye Shadow Primers For Every Skin Type

Ever find your eye makeup sliding off by the end of the day. Seal them in with an eye shadow primers that'll help them stay put.

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Couture Eye Primer, $50

#1 Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Couture Eye Primer, $50

This portable perfection in a pot promises to seal in your shadows for a good 16 hours – and by golly, as far as that claim is concerned, this baby delivers in spades. This industrial-strength hard worker was sturdy enough to hold up to snuff until I stumbled back into bed – a fact made more impressive given how I had slapped it onto my lids before a sweaty sundown soiree and saw no need for mid-party touch-ups.

Even better, the beguilingly bare hue means you can wear this “neat” sans shadows for a hint of a tint that’s perfect for no-makeup makeup days. Sidenote: The formula is fortified with moisture magnets that makes it deeply quenching for desiccated skin, so much so that it functions almost like a filler in erasing fine lines under my eyes. Whoo-hoo!