The Best Mascaras You Should Wear For Longer, Fuller Lashes

Eye makeup is transformative: a strategic flick of eyeliner can lift your lids while a few coats of the right mascara can instantly make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and rounder. The catch is, many mascaras tend of smudge or flake, which defeats the entire purpose of using them because now you end up having to clean up the mess and worrying about one more things.

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To make things easier, we round up the best mascaras that beauty editors love and swear by so you know you’re definitely getting your money’s worth! And when applying these top-performing mascaras, always start by using an eyelash curler or a heated curler to give your lashes a natural lift. Wiggle the brush in a zigzag motion to get as much product onto each lash as you can and start as close to the root as possible. Keep a lash comb handy so you can work through clumps for perfectly separated lashes!