The Most Hydrating Creamy Lipsticks That Won’t Dry Your Lips Out

Applying a fresh shade of lipstick is probably one of the easiest way you can jazz up your look. And women have been spoilt for choice of late, with virtually every beauty brand offering dozens of options in textures, shades and formats. And while matte lip colours have been making a splash in recent years, it’s a texture that many can find tricky to manage because the dramatic effect can emphasise dry lips or lip wrinkles.

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As a result, achieving a perfect matte lip look can be tedious and time-consuming as you would have to prep your lips well to ensure a smooth and even finish. So if you’re constantly in a rush for time, creamy lipsticks are your best bet. With a good balance of colour pigments and emollient ingredients, creamy lipsticks are perfect for acing bold look while minimising lip wrinkles. Look out for ingredients like botanical butters which not only guarantee a smooth application but also help keep lips soft and smooth. Some lipsticks also contains hyaluronic acid, a molecule which attracts moisture up to 6000 times its molecular weight to plump lips and smooth out fine lines. Here, we round up the most nourishing lipsticks: