The Ultimate Guide To Concealing Acne Scars Like A Pro

Concealing pitted pimple scars is plain sailing with these quick-and-easy tips and tricks, which shouldn’t take up more time than what you’re already spending on your everyday makeup regime

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Post-breakout blemishes are arguably tougher to tuck out of sight than pimples proper. Happily, there’s hope yet. Try this three-step strategy – culled from conversations with the top makeup maestros in town – to reduce residual redness and disguise uneven dimpling:&

Spend some quality prime time

A primer will provide “grab” and glide for the flesh-toned pigments to come. Cycle through your usual unguents, then go over particularly pitted areas with a generous patting of primer. Select a silicone-based one to “plug” in your pores without clogging them.

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