These Powder Lipsticks Are The Most Versatile Lip Products We’ve Tried

Liquid lipsticks may promise long-wear but may not exactly be the most comfortable, especially if you have drier lips. Enter powder lipsticks, which can be worn over lip balm or nourishing lipsticks to create a lip look that suits your style.

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For natural-looking pout:
Hydrate lips with lip balm first, then dab on the powder lipsticks from the center and blend it outwards. This will create a just-bitten lip look, similar to the ombre lips which are really popular in Korean beauty looks.

For intense colour that stays:
Just like layering powder eye shadow over a similar shade of cream eye shadow, applying powder lipsticks over cream lipsticks will set the colour and help it last much longer. Plus points for being able to change up the texture of your lipsticks just by adding on powder. 

Here are some of our favourite powder lipsticks: