What You Should Do If Your Foundation No Longer Matches Your Skin

Don’t go throwing out or giving away an expensive or perfectly good bottle of foundation just because it’s not a perfect match. Here are some quick fixes instead!

How To Get Frizz-Free Hair-FeaturedFoundation can be a pricey investment, and despite our best efforts, it’s not always easy to find the winning combination of perfect shade and formula. And even when we find the perfect one, our skin gets lighter or darker over time, especially with how much time we spend in and out of the sun.

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So when your favourite products no longer match your skintone (or if a foundation you love doesn’t have a perfect colour match), we know how hard it can be to give or throw it away. Quite frankly, you don’t need to. Sure, it takes an extra step to make it workable again, but if you love the foundation enough, it’s worth the effort.