You Wouldn’t Believe How Easy It Is To Look Less Tired With This Concealer Trick

Lighten up, panda-eyed people! Try these top tips to to freshen fatigued skin to look as if you’ve enjoyed a good eight hours of sleep, even if you’re running on empty

10-makeup-sponges-below-20-for-flawless-makeup-application_FeaturedDog-tired and done for after pulling one too many all-nighters – and have the pasty and puffy complexion to show for it?

Get back on track with these quick-and-dirty recharging and revitalising tricks for a visibly rejuvenated visage:

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1. Go half a shade lighter for your base.
When you’re distressed and drained out, you want all the glowiness you can get. For days like these, gun for a luminescent liquid foundation that’s skewed pink and also half a hue paler than your true skin tone. The pearlescent pigments will permeate your fatigued face with a dewy “day” glow – sort of like having a steady stream of sunlight trained on your face 24/7.