You Wouldn’t Believe How Easy It Is To Look Less Tired With This Concealer Trick

Lighten up, panda-eyed people! Try these top tips to to freshen fatigued skin to look as if you’ve enjoyed a good eight hours of sleep, even if you’re running on empty

2. Use a champagne-coloured concealer, then hit the sweet spot with a highlighter.
Your blinking baby blues are the windows to your soul – and an unforgiving reflection of your accelerated age. Stave off signs of sagging and bagging by slapping on a creamy coral concealer; a salmon-ey shade is your best bet for cancelling out the dullness of dark circles.

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Even better, this can also double up as an on-the-go luminiser. Simply brush on a thin layer (and go one shade lighter in this instance) over strategic areas of your face: The nose bridge and under the eyes; a dot or two on your cupid’s bow for poutier puckers; then finish off with a dab in the middle of your chin. The glimmering effect as light falls on your face masks fatigue and imbues your mien with a lit-from-within luminosity that’s very intriguing indeed.