Meet The Local Mumpreneurs Who Are Shaking Up Singapore’s Fashion Scene

It’s never easy being a mother. Ask any mother (or even your own) and they’ll tell you that it’s all an intricate juggling act involving a ton of responsibilities, sleepless nights and sacrifice.

But being a mother and an entrepreneur is even more difficult. As the adage goes, creating a business is easy but keeping a business alive is hard — in fact, some might say it’s a gruelling, unpredictable uphill battle. That is why we are giving a shout out to local mothers who have successful crafted a business of their own and who are also a strong powerful woman, both in their homes and out. Plus, these women create (or are involved in creating) fashionable clothing for other mothers and children, to empower them with style and confidence so they can conquer life. How can we say no to that?

Read on to find out more about these six amazing women.

Text: Ho Guo Xiong / Image: Instagram, The Straits Times.

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