5 Times Meghan Markle’s Hair Broke Royal Protocol – And We Love Her For It!

There are many ways that Meghan Markle isn’t your average royal, but there’s one that particularly sticks out because it’s so relatable. On multiple royal outings, the royal bride-to-be ditched the professional prim and proper look for a low-slung messy bun, flyaways and all. It’s a look that’s unfussed, casual and totally befitting Meghan’s “California girl” roots, but it also breaks royal tradition. 

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How so? According to royal protocol, a royal’s hair should always be neat and, if it’s a bun, to be wrapped in a hairnet (see: every Kate Middleton hairstyle ever). And while we absolutely adore Duchess Kate’s bouncy, voluminous blowouts and perfectly polished updos, it is refreshing to see that Meghan, 36, is carving out her own style identity within the royal sphere. 

Now, check out all the times Meghan wore her hair in a messy bun while performing royal duties: