6 Must-Have Bio-Cellulose Face Masks That Hydrate Skin Deeply

The benefits of face masks are endless – a deep cleansing mask treats clogged pores, a hydrating mask helps to pump moisture back into your skin and a brightening mask will give you a radiant complexion fast. While there are a ton of different types to use, we always turn to face sheet masks when we’re strapped for time. Sheet masks are packed with multiple skin-loving ingredients to boost and level up our regime, but not all of them are made using the same material. While most use cotton to create the sheet, there’s another material we absolutely love and that is bio-cellulose.

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Bio-cellulose is a natural fibre that has a diameter of only 20 nanometres and is said to be 1000 times thinner than the human hair. Since it is super thin, bio-cellulose sheet masks tend to cling on better to our skin and fit snugly to ensure each part of our face will be able to absorb the nutrients. It’s a compostable material, which means it’s more environmentally friendly when compared to typical cotton or paper masks.

Bio-cellulose fabrics are also very much known to quickly absorb nutrients and hold large amounts of moisture, which can then be delivered to our skin better than other masks. They usually have a soft gel-like texture that feels cool upon application. They’re inevitably more expensive than a normal paper sheet mask, but consider it an investment for better, clearer skin. We recommend these 6 must-get bio-cellulose masks. 

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