The Best Nude Lipsticks To Flatter Asian Skin Tones

“Your/My lips, but better” — a phase taken out of the 21st century beauty lexicon which you’ve probably read about a million times these days. The premise of it is straightforward; secure a pinkish-nude lipstick a shade or two darker than your own lips, slick it on, and — voila! — you’ve got your perfect ‘MLBB’ shade to nail that effortless no-makeup-makeup-look.

There’s no better way to achieve this au naturel finish than with a skin-tone lipstick. Sienna-toned cinnamon shades, cool-toned cocoas, and soft, neutral salmons are adorning lips left and right, and we’re loving just how flattering this colour can be on a range of skin tones.

Thankfully, the pale iteration of this trend is no more; as anyone who wore concealer-coated lips in the early noughties can attest. If you want to look chic and dodge that whole ‘zombie-fied’ vibe, here are the best nude lipsticks we’ve tried for you to choose from.

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