6 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Thinning (And How To Fix It)

Your scalp has around 100,000 hair follicles, and every three years each of those follicles goes through a cycle of hair growth, with the hair resting and falling out, followed by growth of new hair.

Photo: Paul Suesse/Bauer

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Sometimes that pattern is disturbed, and either the hair doesn’t grow or it becomes finer, so women get thinning hair, hair loss and patches of baldness. Just over half of women suffer some hair loss and thinning as they age. In most cases it’s not noticeable, but for about 20 per cent of women the loss is more obvious and distressing.

“About 50 per cent of women in their 40s suffer some thinning. And now women are experiencing this problem in their 20s and 30s,” says trichologist David Salinger. From sugar to diabetes and crash dieting, we look at six reasons behind female hair loss and thinning and what can help: