Get A Whole New Look With Pieces You Already Own!

We’re not psychic, but we are pretty sure that there have been many moments when you stood in front of your already-burgeoning closet and you’ve said “I have nothing to wear”. Look, we totally understand that, because we face that same problem as well.

The truth is not that we don’t have anything to wear – rather, it’s that we’ve worn our clothes so much that we can’t see any new ways that they can be worn without looking (and feeling) dull.

So to help you nip that problem in the bud, we’ve gotten help from Kelly Latimer to show you how you can level up the basics that you already own.

We’ve put Kelly in three looks that take on classics, but with a twist. Think of them as clothing pieces you already own in your closet, but worn in ways that are a little unexpected.

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What projects have been keeping you busy lately?
“I’ve been busy setting up an agency with my long-time co-host Ross Sarpani, and our aim is to develop and cultivate more hosting talents in Singapore. Plus, my two-year old is always on the move, so if I’m not hosting shows or attending meetings, I’m likely pretending to be a dinosaur in a playground.”

Describe your style for us?
“The operative word is ‘easy’. My clothes have to be easy to match, easy to get in and out of, easy to breastfeed in, and easy to style up or down.”

What’s a clothing item that you can’t live without?
“White shirts and tops! I have a huge collection of white tops and shirts, and they’re all different. I feel like a white shirt will take you far.”

As a working mother, how has that changed or defined the way you dress and shop?
“The first thing that changed was making sure that all outfits were breastfeeding-friendly. Shirts were always a win for me, and up until recently, I had to forgo wearing shift dresses. I also found that I needed to find outfits that would move with me. Soft and light fabrics that had give and stretch were very ideal, and I had to look for pieces that didn’t have too much detailing so as not to scratch the baby. There were so many things I never thought about before that I had to consider since becoming a mum.”

When it comes to dressing up, what advice would you give to other working mums out there?
“Find outfits that are easy to put together, as there’s very little time to plan out your looks. Plus, you’ll probably get a stain on your outfit before you leave the house, so always have a backup!”


STYLE DIARY – New Ways To Wear Classics with Kelly Latimer