These 18 Shampoos Are Formulated Specially For Healthy Asian Hair


Just like Asian skin types differ from Western skin types, Asian hair, too has its own kind of traits. Broadly speaking, Asian hair strands are round and thick. Although it’s generally quite straight, the texture can vary from fine to coarse, soft to hard. Compared to Caucasian hair, it’s less dense but relatively stronger and more resistant to breakage. However, Asians tend to have oilier scalps, which is why daily washing is needed to prevent tresses from looking flat and greasy.

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Factor in the hot and humid climate that we live in means you also have to deal with over-active sebum glands and sweat follicles, which means that it’s a constant challenge to keep hair light and airy.

“If the climate is really humid like Singapore, then it’s good to have a lighter shampoo for everyday use,” says Celia Tham, creative director of BLOC+ The Salon. “It also depends on whether you’re targeting the hair or the scalp. Scalp shampoos do more deep-cleansing and they also help to thicken fine hair, but they are usually a little more drying. Soothing scalp shampoos are gentler and more suitable for daily use.”


“Coarse and dry hair should opt for more moisturising shampoos. If you feel that makes your hair too limp or greasy, balance it with a lighter conditioner,” advises Celia.

Look through the gallery below for some shampoos that meet the needs of Asian hair:

This article was first published on 24 Sept 2018.