Shop The Bags That Meghan Markle Would Love Under $80

Meghan Markle is blazing a new path of royal fashion, and we are 100% here to lap up her modern interpretation of what it means to dress like a royal.

While her future sis-in-law Kate Middleton has always favoured looks that accentuate her femininity, Meghan’s style is distinctive in that she favours pieces that are more structured and less frou-frou. This can clearly be seen in her handbag choices.


The now-infamous (and sold out) Strathberry bag may have shown the world that Meghan loves a good structured hand bag with some flashes of metal, but Meghan has already been a big champion of such bags prior to her engagement.

With that, we’ve sourced a gallery of bags that we believe Meghan Markle will love (and that you can shop too without having to join a waitlist).

Featured image: TPG News

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