5 Simple Steps To Achieving Meghan Markle’s Signature Hairstyle

When Meghan Markle made her first public appearance to formally announce her engagement to Prince Harry, she wore her hair in loose, flowing waves. But in the following months, the 36-year-old princess-to-be has stepped out on numerous occasions with a practical yet chic low loose bun that surprised and delighted fans all over. (It’s even been rumoured that she’ll be wearing this scraped-back hairstyle for her wedding happening this weekend!) 

Will Meghan wear a low bun for her royal wedding? Photo: TPGNews

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The style screams sophisticated California girl, and can be easily dressed up for more formal events or worn in a more casual manner for day-to-day activities. Here’s how to pull off Meghan’s stylish signature hairdo in just five simple steps:

  1. Prep your hair with a volumising spray or styling cream or mousse to create lift from the roots and add grit, especially for fine and straight hair types. Spray it all over your tresses before combing through to ensure an even distribution of the product. If your hair is especially straight, create a few waves with a hair curler or even your flat iron, as this makes it easier when you pull your hair up into a bun. 
  2. Section off a portion of hair from one side of your head, before scraping the rest of your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure with a hairtie.  You can either wear it dead centre or, for a more romantic style, to the side (Meghan has been seen wearing both variations, so it’s really up to you). Gently tease the hair at your crown by pulling or using the end of a rattail comb to enhance volume.
  3. Twist your ponytail and begin winding it around the base to form the bun shape. If you have fine, less thick hair, regular bobby pins should do the trick in pinning the bun in place. If you have thicker hair, use hair pins or larger bobby pins. 
  4. Take the remaining section of hair and wind it around the bun, securing with bobby pins. 
  5. Finish with a lightweight texture spray or dry shampoo all over to enhance grip and lock in your hairstyle. Gently tug on the bun and pull out a few pieces from the sides to frame your face and create a softer, more undone effect. 

Here are more messy bun ideas to inspire you: