10 Non-Sticky Sunscreens That Are Perfect as Makeup Bases


Many women have a love-hate relationship with sunscreens. While most of us recognise their importance and include them in our daily regime, it is often a struggle to find a sunscreen that offers high protection, feels great (read: lightweight) and primes the skin perfectly for makeup application. More often than not, those with high protection feel thick and sticky while those that feel lightweight usually have to be reapplied by midday, derailing us from building a streamlined skincare routine. Not forgetting the need to layer on makeup bases before applying foundations so you look polished and immaculate for a big day in the office.

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To optimise comfort and convenience while saving precious time, here are the best lightweight sunscreens that provide long-lasting protection while doubling up as a skin-smoothing makeup base. All you have to do is apply a dollop of it over cleansed and moisturised skin and you’re good to go.