5 Good Skincare Habits You Should Practice If You Want To Age Gracefully

5 Habits of People With Good Skin

When you’re in your 20s, anti-ageing skincare might seem like a foreign concept to you. After all, you’re still battling breakouts and experimenting with products for a sound skincare routine. Yet, beneath your skin surface, the process of ageing might have already begun for many of us. This is because at about 25, the rate at which the support matrix of your skin regenerates itself starts to slow down. This means that the level and quality of collagen and elastin begins to drop as early as in your 20s.

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And as most twenty-somethings are living their best lives, a chronic lack of sleep and inadequate care might only present themselves as dull and tired-looking skin — nothing that a dab of concealer cannot hide. However, they can accelerate the process of skin ageing over time and take a toll on your skin later on. This means that appropriate care and prevention is vital in protecting and maintaining the skin’s youth. Here are the five skincare habits you should be cultivating as early as in your 20s to ensure that you age gracefully: