5 Super Satisfying And Gentle Peels That Won’t Ruin Your Skin

We can’t get no satisfaction... except when peel-off masks are involved. Do they really work or are they just gimmicks?

5 Super Satisfying And Gentle Peels That Won't Ruin Your Skin - Featured

We’d wager that whether you’re fussy about your skincare and makeup, or are someone happy to make do with the bare minimum, the appeal of a good peel-off product is fairly universal. You don’t even have to be the one doing the actual peeling to get a kick out of it, if YouTube views on peeling videos are any indication. From pore strips and face masks to even peeling gels, these instant fixes make for a super satisfying experience.

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Some of you may wonder if peel-off products do something extra special, or if they’re just for fun and a tad gimmicky. Naturally, the results will depend on the ingredients in the mask or the purported aim of it, but for the most part, the physical act of peeling a layer off your face probably makes you feel like you’re removing an older layer of skin to make way for something younger, cleaner and brighter. And we all know that getting it off in one whole piece is a massive bonus.

When it comes to peeling gels, there’s the “shiok” factor that comes from rubbing the gel into your skin, only to see dark little flakes of “dirt” lift off and clump together. While psychologically it leaves you feeling like it’s a more effective way to exfoliate your skin, some products may be gimmicky, especially if it does the same thing when used on freshly cleansed skin. But hey, it’s still satisfying seeing all those clumps get washed down the sink!

So if you’ve been meaning to get yourself a mask to enjoy from time to time, here are a few you can check out for yourself: