6 Easy Ways To Make Your Sheet Masks More Effective

Make your sheet mask work harder for you by following these tips and tricks

Sheet masks are like mini-facials you can do at home. They come in sealed packages, and usually consist of a soft cotton or fibre sheet that’s soaked through with skin-loving ingredients. They’re convenient to use and often offer instant results like brighter, more well-hydrated skin. Here are some top tips on getting the most out of your sheet mask. 

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#1 Soften skin first

Needless to say, only ever use a sheet mask on clean skin. After cleansing, prep with a toning lotion. This will help soften and hydrate your skin so that it’s primed to better absorb the mask’s ingredients. Think of skin as a sponge – when you drop water onto a dry sponge, it won’t be able to spread or channel the moisture as well as when it’s wet. When skin is moist, the sheet mask will adhere better too.