8 Best Brightening Cleansers For Those Who Want Radiant-Looking Skin

There are several factors affecting why our complexion becomes dull and gets pigmentation. From overexposure to UV, lack of sleep or plain ol’ hormonal fluctuations, the list goes on (and on). However, there are many ways we can combat these problems, including melanin-targeting serums, skin-renewing peels and the most basic of all, cleansing thoroughly.

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Cleansing is one of the most basic things you can do for your skin —  along with applying sunscreen and moisturiser. And even though it’s just two minutes in the bathroom, twice a day, its benefits are far-reaching. Beyond removing makeup from your skin, cleansers also get rid of dirt, sebum and dead skin cells which, if left to accumulate, can cause skin to look dull and feel rough. Moreover, if your cleanser has anti-inflammation properties, it can also soothe skin irritation which, if untreated, can cause your body to respond by producing melanin haphazardly as a defence mechanism. Here, the best cleansers to add to rotation for a clear and unified skin tone: