8 Best Makeup Removers That Will Clean Off Makeup Easily

When it comes to skincare rules, removing makeup before bed definitely ranks high along with using sunscreen religious. And the truth is, your skin will thank you for it for years to come. Whether you like a dual-function eye and lip makeup remover, or micellar cleansing water so you don’t have to wash your face again, or even makeup wipes that are great for when you’re on the go, here are eight makeup removers that are fuss-free, tough on makeup but gentle on your skin.

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Some quick tips to take note of: avoid tugging at your skin to remove stubborn makeup. Instead saturate a cotton pad with makeup remover and place over the lips and each eyelid, letting it soak for a few seconds before gently wiping away. Choose makeup wipes that are thicker and smoother so they don’t have any abrasive action on your skin. And look out for soothing ingredients like rose and chamomile that calm the skin.