The Best Sunscreen Sticks That Will Help You Touch Up Your Sun Protection With No Mess

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We’re all familiar with sunscreens. Or sun block, however you want to call them. These come in liquid or cream formulation that we apply right after our morning skincare routine and before our makeup.

But if you’re like me and you hate getting your fingers dirty after applying sunscreen — not to mention that weird combination of having a powdery yet oily feeling on your fingers — then sun sticks is the latest beauty trend that you’ve got to hop on.

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Sun sticks tend to go on clear and do not leave a strange white or purplish cast on the face. They’re easy to apply — just swipe on and go — and are generally fuss-free.

Moreover, sun sticks’ biggest advantage is they are super portable. Usually in a roll-up deodorant style packaging or smaller, you can throw one in your purse and touch up on the go (after all, you’re advised to reapply sunscreen every two hours). And yes, they’re made to be applied either under or over makeup.

Text: Ho Guo Xiong / Additional reporting: Arissa Ha