Do You Really Need To Include Beauty Essences In Your Skincare Regimen?

Unlike toners that cleanse impurities and balances the skin's pH, essences offer more targeted treatments. Here's how they would work for your skin.


What is an essence? Elementary, my dear

Newsflash: When it comes to saving your skin, essences are well, of the essence.

But wait, what in Miss Gorgeous’s name is an essence, anyway? In the bewildering beauty world we live in today, slapping on multiple serums and salves (not to mention boosters and pre-serums!) is par for the course, really – a luminous light-year away from the quaint old days when the only vaguely “exotic” elixir we had to tussle with was a toner …

Which leads us quite neatly to what essences most emphatically are not – they’re not your average toner. An easy way of wrapping your head around the concept is to think of toners as the last cleansing component of your skincare ritual – while traditional toners rid your skin of residual gunk, essences should be regarded as targeted treatments in their own right.

Oh, and here’s a top tip that should please the penny-pinching budget barbies out there: Skipping cotton pads provides you more bang for your buck. Using cotton to swipe on your watery essence on is such a waste, really. I for one recommend warming up a few drops in your cupped palms, then pressing it into your freshly cleansed face. Hands still damp? Spread the wealth and rub any excess essence into the nook of your elbows.

Intrigued but not sure where to start? Easy, no skin off your nose. Click through the gallery slides for my personal pick of essential essences, for your perusal and purchasing consideration, please!