Do You Really Need To Use Neck Creams?

Just think of it: how much time do you spend looking down at your phone everyday? That’s how long the skin on your neck is being stretched and tugged at. Then factor in how often do you actually apply any skincare – sunscreen included – onto this portion of your body and you get a rough idea how much your neck goes through. If you need more proof, pay attention to the necks of other women you meet, because chances are, while the skin on their face might conceal their true age, the skin on their necks will reveal the truth.

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This explains why there is a need for neck creams, because they are basically designed to repair and protect skin that has been neglected for years. They go beyond hydration and deeply replenish skin with powerful lifting and firming ingredients. And since sebum glands are less active on the neck and decolletage area, neck creams tend to be richer to really nourish dry and damaged skin. If you’re guilty of excessive sun exposure, you’ll also be glad to know that many neck creams are formulated with spot-busting ingredients like vitamin C to reduce the visible signs of photo-damage. Some of them even contain soft focus pigments to soften the appearance of fine lines upon application for an instant fix. Here, the eight best neck creams to try: