8 Gentle Skin Exfoliators and Scrubs That Will Improve Blemish-Prone Skin

Take a look at the bathrooms of Singaporean women and you’re guaranteed to find one (or two or three) facial scrubs. This is because as a result of growing up in the clammy weather of Singapore, most women (and men) crave that feeling of squeaky clean and smooth skin. And since hot and humid weather usually equal to sweaty skin, clogged pores and frequent break outs, many of us rely on face scrubs to give our skin the fastest and most fuss-free DIY facials.

While most face scrubs contain exfoliating beads to basically slough away dead skin cells that have accumulated on our skin, some physical exfoliators contain exfoliating granules that are made of crushed kernels, which can cause micro tears on skin’s surface and further irritate sensitive skin or aggravate blemishes. Here, some of the best and gentlest skin exfoliators to use for breakouts-prone skin: