The Skincare Miracle That Will Bring Back A Confident Smile

Shiseido’s revolutionary Vital-Perfection Wrinklelift Cream and Wrinklelift Mask target lines and dullness associated with smiling, so you can put your best face forward. Here’s how

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A VITAL DECISION The RetinoVP8 Technology, found in the Vital-Perfection Wrinklelift Cream and Mask, is an innovation worth smiling about. With its multi-prong effects, it focuses on tone as it works on excess melanin; regulates cell turnover for smoother skin; and plumps with hyaluronic acid. And after just eight weeks of use, women are already raving about its effectiveness.


And to power up the formulation even further, the Pure Retinol is combined with the exclusive Shiseido VP8 complex. The RetinoVP8 Technology targets the root causes of skin ageing, such as sagginess, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, roughness, sallowing or yellowing of skin, dullness and texture. It inhibits the production of aged proteins and enhances skin resilience, so it is able to hold off those pesky lines. The Shiseido VP8 complex also contains the patented brightener 4MSK that reduces melanin production, so skin tone is even and radiant.

While the Vital-Perfection Wrinklelift Cream can be used on lines on any part of the face, the Vital-Perfection Wrinklelift Mask is designed specifically to target the area particularly prone to wrinkles related to facial expressions. The orchid-shaped patches fit perfectly over the area under the eyes where wrinkles typically appear on Asian women. The patches act as an “iron” to stretch out the skin, then deliver and lock in the powerful double formulation. When removed, skin feels instantly more resilient, and at the same time, gives off a brighter, youthful glow.