The Skincare Miracle That Will Bring Back A Confident Smile

Shiseido’s revolutionary Vital-Perfection Wrinklelift Cream and Wrinklelift Mask target lines and dullness associated with smiling, so you can put your best face forward. Here’s how

For Perfection At Every Age

Shiseido Vital-Perfection range has been specially formulated for the woman who desires bright, firm and youthful skin. She wants something that not only serves her anti-ageing and whitening beauty regime, but more importantly, she wants functional skincare that focuses on her skin’s changing needs.


They are the perfect arsenal in every woman’s skincare routine. Armed with anti-ageing and whitening properties to keep skin radiant, these essentials (above from left) battle lines and age spots by dealing with the root of the problems:

Fighting Age Spots
Pigmented age spots grow while we aren’t paying attention, but Vital-Perfection White Circulator Serum is formulated to arrest this age spots cycle. It not only helps lighten existing spots, it also works to prevent new ones from forming by expelling melanin the way younger skin does. This boosts resilience and restores the skin’s power to retain fairness as it resists persistent spots from appearing and expanding.

Multi-Functional Sculptor
This lifting cream helps firm facial contours, improves the appearance of laugh lines, and evens out the complexion. As skin ages, fat cells in the skin increase. This increase in the number of fat cells, as well as the size of the cells, leads to a saggy, puffy jawline. Vital-Perfection Sculpting Lift Cream regulates the skin’s fat cells and gets the natural purifying function running optimally. This in turn helps recreate a more defined jawline.

Get Set To Smile
This cream-based, but lightweight, formula targets lines and dull-looking skin caused by smiling. Use this on any lined areas after your moisturiser, before your sunscreen.

Stretch And Lift
The orchid-shaped mask sheets cover a wider area that is particularly prone to wrinkles related to facial expressions. RetinoVP8 Technology works to smoothen and brighten the eye area for a youthful gaze.