The Best Hydrating Facial Mists Under $30

Do you work long hours in an air-conditioned office, with dry air that relentlessly sucks all moisture from your skin? Do you often try to avoid battle with the sun once you step outdoors (hello shades and cap), only to be rewarded with over-heated skin and signs of redness? If you said yes to both, you should consider adding a face mist to your skincare wardrobe.

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Essentially a toner or essence in spray form, a face mist is great for mid-day refreshes. Use it when you need a little pick-me-up, when you feel your skin getting dry, when your face gets a little red after walking back to the office post-lunch, or just whenever you feel like it.

Don’t know which face mist to buy? We’ve put together a list of face mists that target different skin concerns. And best of all, they’re all under $30, so you won’t break the bank any time soon.

Text: Engracia Ang / Additional reporting: Arissa Ha