7 Best Products To Effectively Reduce Acne Scars


You come home to find an angry bump on your skin and you load it up with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or any other zit-soothing SOS treatment you have. And if you’re lucky, the blemish starts to fade in about two to three days. And just when you think your nightmare is over, you find that it’s barely beginning.

The truth is, even if you manage to resist the urge to pop your zits, scarring can still occur and the worst part is, acne scarring can be challenging to get rid of. And as we get older, the time taking for acne scars to fade increases — well, thank you very much, delayed cellular turnover.

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But before you roll over and give up, get your hands on targeted treatments that are specially formulated to combat stubborn acne scars. They are loaded with skin-brighteners that not only inhibit melanin production but also speed up healing so your skin regains its former self. Here, seven of the most powerful scar faders for a clean and clear complexion: