The Hottest Multi-Purpose Sunscreens That Double As Skincare

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The all-in-one sunscreens that you need

The weather has been rather erratic these days – one minute it’s pouring; the next minute, the sun’s out and shining mercilessly down upon us. Regardless of the weather, protecting your skin from pollution and UV rays is something you should never neglect. There is a common misconception that we don’t need to slather on sunscreen if the sky is overcast, but this is a deadly mistake: UV rays are able to permeate clouds and even rain droplets to reach our vulnerable skin.

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Long story short: If you’re not a fan of skin cancer and sunburn, you need to incorporate a sunscreen into your day routine. Even better, shield your skin with sunscreens that are multi-functional! We’ve put together a list of sunscreens that not only protects your skin from UV and pollution, but also hydrates and brightens at the same time. You’re welcome.