This Is Korean Actress Lee Young-Ae’s Secret Formula To Fair, Radiant Skin

There's no denying that 46-year old actress Lee Young-Ae looks stunning at her age, and her trick to radiant skin? A secret formula that dates back to traditional Korean royal courts.

Korean Actress Lee Young-Ae's Secret Formula To Fair, Radiant Skin

As we age, pigmentation and dark patches start to surface, especially around the cheeks due to sun exposure. These dark spots makes the skin appear patchy and dulls the overall complexion. Sunscreens do well to prevent the formation of melanin, but not for existing spot – that’s where whitening and brightening skincare products come in. 

The new History of Whoo Radiant White Moisture Cream is able to simultaneously break down melanin while inhibiting its formation, thus diminishing the appearance of dark spots. At the same time, skin is hydrated and skin cell regeneration is improved for fair, radiant skin.

Like the rest of The History of Whoo products, the Radiant White Moisture Cream’s efficacy lies in the traditional Korean royal court formula used by empresses. Here’s how it works: