This Skincare Ingredient Will Help You Achieve Plump And Youthful Skin

You’ve most likely heard of this ingredient in skincare and makeup products before: ceramide. While it isn’t anything new, it is a great ingredient for so many reasons. Essentially a type of naturally occurring fat molecule that is found mainly in the outermost layer of skin, the ingredient works like a glue to bind skin cells together to form a protective layer that stops transepidermal water loss so that skin doesn’t dry out.

On the beauty front, for skin that is chronically dry, ceramides help to repair the stratum corneum, improve skin hydration and keep skin soft. Additionally, ceramides are also crucial in maintaining the skin’s barrier function. When skin’s hydration is maintained, it is less prone to irritation. Ceramide is a godsend for skin that is stressed, scaly, parched, aged and sun-damaged. As you age, ceramide levels taper off, resulting in an increase in water loss and dryness. Thankfully, with topical skincare, you can counteract the signs of aging.

Wondering what products have this wonderful ingredient? Click through the gallery to see our top 10 favourite products that contains ceramide!

Image: Pexels 

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