Your Simple 4-Step Guide To Protecting Skin Against Pollution

Every day your skin is subjected to the ravages of pollutants, much of which are invisible, that affect skin not only on a topical level, but on a cellular level too. So how do you protect yourself from this barrage of skin abusers? We've devised the perfect defence plan for the savvy urbanite.

As city dwellers, it’s almost impossible to escape pollution. Besides causing harm to your health, smog, ultraviolet rays and free radicals can affect skin and accelerate the ageing process. A study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology compared women who lived in urban and rural environments over a quarter of a decade, and found those who were exposed to pollution had more dark spots and wrinkling. Dr Tan YZ of Mizu Aesthetic Clinic comments, “Pollutants like free radicals damage healthy skin cells and can bring about other skin problems like redness, dryness and skin sensitivity.” Dr Teo Wan Lin of TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre adds, “PM 2.5 particles generates reactive oxygen species which increases the process of ageing, via the effect of collagen degradation in our skin and wrinkle formation.”

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You may not be able to help stop the pollution, but you can certainly prevent or neutralise its brutal attack. Simple changes to your skincare, cleansing and adopting antioxidant-rich products, can have a positive impact on your skin, guarding it from these modern-day threats. We show you how with our four-step defence plan: Just remember the 4 Ps – Purify, Prevent, Pamper and Protect.