Your Three-Step Guide To Achieving The Cleanest Skin Ever

It takes more than splashing some water on your face and massaging some cleanser into it. How do you know if you’re making the most of your cleansing routine? And more importantly, why is it so important to cleanse your skin thoroughly? Good and proper facial cleansing can prevent acne breakouts, improve skin texture and reduce skin inflammation. A basic rule of thumb is washing your face twice daily: once in the morning to get rid of dead skin cells as our skin self renews every night, and once more before you go to bed to remove traces of pollution, grime, sebum and makeup that have accumulated on skin’s surface throughout the course of the day.

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However, it is also important not to wash your face too frequently even if you have shine-prone skin as overdoing it can strip away essential moisture on the skin’s surface. Finally, due to how follicles grow on the face, it’s best to wash upwards and outwards to get a deeper cleanse and pay attention to the jawline, hairline and nose as these are the most commonly neglected spots.