Steal Im Soo-Jung’s Best Shirt Looks From Popular K-Drama “Search: WWW”

Steal Im Soo-Jung's Best Shirt Looks From Popular K-Drama "Search: WWW"

A sleek and elegant shirt is definitely a must-have for going to work. It cleans up your look, makes you appear more professional and helps you stay ready for anything that the workday might throw at you.

Similarly, Im Soo-Jung’s character in the hit Korean TV drama Search: WWW understands the importance of a good shirt, which is why she often seen on-screen in a button-down top.

The difference, however, is that Soo-Jung’s character prefers a wardrobe of softer fabrics. The silky blouses she wears are often unbuttoned to appear less formal, and she opts for unexpected details such as interesting draping or asymmetric colours.

Steal her look here with our gallery of blouses that you’ll find straight from the drama serial itself!

Text: Dolly/NUYOU Singapore & Aaron Kok

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