Steal These K-Drama Beauty Looks From Park Bo Young, Park Shin Hye And More

Look like your favourite Korean drama actresses with our round-up of beauty tips and tricks!

When binge-watching South Korea dramas, many of us are captivated by the characters’ typically flawless complexions, on-point lip colours and simply stunning hairdos. And while we may not have the ability to turn into mermaids or have superhuman strength, we can at least look the part.

We present five Korean drama-inspired beauty looks with tips and products you need to recreate them at home:

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1. Yoo In-Na’s copper tresses in Goblin

The 35-year-old actress plays Sunny, a stylish and bright chicken restaurant owner who falls in love with the Grim Reaper. In the super popular series, In-Na makes a compelling case for copper-coloured hair, a sophisticated shade that complements her skin tone and gives her a fresh, radiant look.

Steal Her Look! To maintain the longevity of your new hair colour like In-Na, make sure to select hair products specifically formulated to protect and enhance coloured hair:

You’ll Need:

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2. Jun Ji-Hyun’s ethereal glow in The Legend of the Blue Sea

If you’re obsessed with the 35-year-old’s crystal clear skin in real life, you probably love her fresh, glistening visage in the hit Korean fantasy drama series where she plays a gorgeous mermaid-out-of-water.

Steal Her Look! To get that dewy finish without looking overly shiny, especially if you have oily skin, use a light liquid formula that catches the light without giving you excessive shine.

You’ll Need:

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3. Park Bo Young’s girl-next-door chic in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

In her role as the titular character, a petite woman with Herculean strength, the 27-year-old actress rocks a trendy tousled blunt bob with curled-in bangs, while her makeup is kept natural.

Steal Her Look! For fuller-looking short hair like hers, curl only the ends and use a sea salt spray or texturiser to help the waves last longer, mussing it up with your fingers to keep them from looking too perfect.

You’ll Need:

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