The Best Makeup Storage Ideas From Beauty YouTube Stars

Whether you are a minimalist (who will make Marie Kondo) proud or a full-on hoarder when it comes to your beauty stash, here are the most incredible Youtube videos to watch and get inspired on proper storage!

Beauty Junkie Level 1: Nastazsa
Instagram: @nastazsa
Youtube Channel:

Key Takeaways:
1) Keep everything tucked away. To ensure that your vanity area stays as clutter-free as possible, make sure you make use of storage options fully. Nastazsa found some trays that fit perfectly into her vanity drawers  so that no space is wasted. The different trays also help sort and organise your makeup products.
2) Splurge on a fancy pen holder. Invest in a beautiful pen holder and use it to hold your brushes while doubling up as a beautiful display ornament. You can also re-use one of your empty candle holders to organise your brushes.
3) Get your hands on stackable trays and bowls. To hold products that you use frequently, try organising them with trays or clear bowls. If you’re into collecting healing crystals, you can also store them in little bowls that will sit beautifully on your vanity.