The Editor’s Guide To Working Colour Without Looking Like A Crayola Box

Colour and print are good to have in your work closet, but do you know the right ways of wearing them to the office? So often, women make the mistake of wearing mismatched colour schemes or mix prints that clash with each other, and they end up looking like a mess. And on the flip side, so many women avoid colour or print altogether because they don’t know how best to make it work, or are too shy to wear them.

Similarly, Soo Lin wrote in to us asking for advice on how she can incorporate colour into her work outfits, without looking out of place. Her question was picked up by The Weekly‘s resident fashion stylist, Aaron Kok. See what he has to say on wearing colour and pattern for work.

The Editor's Guide To Working Colour Without Looking Like A Crayola Box

Q: I’ve worn safe colours like black and grey all my work life, but I’m getting bored of these colours. How can I go about mixing in brighter colours and prints? – Soo Lin, 40

A: Firstly, give yourself a pat on the back for deciding to take on brighter colours for your workwear! If you’re feeling shaky at first, try working colour in small doses.

Start with a bright red bag or a pair of fuchsia heels. Once you get confident with these little pops of bright hues, you can gradually work in more colourful pieces. Secondly, while black and grey may err on the safe side, in this situation, they can be your best friends. Whether it’s a black blazer or a grey skirt, use these neutral tones to anchor your look and balance out the vibrancy of your coloured pieces. I recommend investing some time in front of the mirror, experimenting with your clothes and finding the colour combinations that work best for you.

Prints are also great styling tools, because the texture does help balance all the colours. Opt for something simple, like white stripes or a muted checked pattern.

Images: Showbit. This post first appeared on 20 July 2018.

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