These Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands Are Good For Your Skin And The Environment

In the pursuit of combating climate change and saving our Mother Earth, the cosmetics industry is also making conscious efforts to reduce carbon footprint and create a positive environmental impact. Over the recent years, you’ve probably been bombarded by the terms ‘vegan’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘eco-friendly’ on products that claim to be good for you and the environment. But what exactly does eco-friendly mean?

Eco-friendly brands cover sustainable ingredients, which are ethically sourced raw materials that can be grown and harvested without damaging the environment. It also involves phasing out non-biodegradables like silicone and plastic microbeads, using less packaging, or recycled or recyclable packaging, getting customers in on the refill act, and using renewable energy from the wind and sun to power daily operations and manufacturing processes.

For instance, 90 per cent of French medicine and dermo-cosmetics company Pierre Fabre’s (which includes brands like Avene, Klorane and Rene Furterer) manufacturing waste is used: 65 per cent via recycling and 35 per cent for energy production.

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Not only are you doing your part to save the earth, you’re also saving your skin from harsh, harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates. Here are 7 commendable brands that are championing the eco-friendly beauty cause.