These Gentle Cleansers Will Give You Clearer Skin In No Time

Pores are essential for our skin to flush out sweat and toxins, but ‘giant’ pores? We hate them. Especially when they are all clogged up and enlarged from sun damage and excess oil production, gifting us with an aged and rough complexion that we never wished for.

Then there’s the flurry of ‘fake news’ about pore products. No, there’s nothing that is non-invasive that can ‘fix’ your pores, causing them to disappear permanently. Dr. Joseph Castellano from Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Centre explains that, “unless you’re looking at laser treatment, you can only reduce enlarged pores to a certain extent”. But here’s what you CAN do – cleanse properly and keep those tiny little dirt traps clean and clear. By purging them of dirt, they become less apparent, leaving your skin less prone to blackheads, whiteheads and pimples to boot. You know what that means: A clearer, more even complexion.

To streamline the decision process, we’ve put together a list of thoroughly cleansing pore care products that will help to exfoliate your clogged up pores without irritating your skin and causing flare-ups.

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