This Is How You Can Save Your Clothes From Being Ruined By Bleach Stains

The struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans or a t-shirt you love is real. So imagine your heartache when one day, you discover that you’ve accidentally gotten some bleach splashes on your clothing and they’ve come out looking like they were bought off a retired rock singer’s garage sale. Bleach is a great tool for laundry (how else can we get our white jeans to really stay white), but it’s also the bane of many people’s existence.

Before we continue, we feel we should be honest here. Once you get bleach on your garment, there’s no turning back. Technically, you cannot rinse it out like you would with say, spilled coffee. Bleach works in a way that strips away the surface colour, and that process is irreversible. However, you can remedy the situation with some quick-fix solutions. Take a look at our top hacks here!

Images: 123RF

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