This Is How You Clean Your BB Cushion Puff So Your Face Doesn’t Break Out

We all know a little bit about how amazing BB cushion foundations are. Most Korean pop stars and celebrities absolutely love them and use it at the start of their makeup routine to get that glowing effect. 

While most people think cleaning their BB cushion puff isn’t necessary because you’ll get a new one each time you purchase a refill pack, the truth is, you actually do. Think about it: if used every day, a BB cushion pack can last about two to three months, which means two to three months of you using the same exact puff every single day. 

With all the moisture from the liquid foundation and the humidity of our tropical climate combined, you’ll end up with a bacteria infested puff that could easily cause break outs

Not washing your puff is so counter intuitive to your skincare routine so make it a point to cleanse it. But, we’ve got your back. Here are the correct steps to washing your BB cushion foundation puff: