5 Essential Tips To Great Hair Even On Rainy, Humid Days

Here's how to rainproof your mane and prevent frizz from taking over

The past few days have been quite rainy, which never usually bodes well for our hair. In fact, a combination of rain and a humid climate is exactly what can cause hair to become frizzy, limp and unmanageable! Here are five easy ways to tame your mane this monsoon-y season:

great hair

1. Give Your Hair A Head Start

Make sure your hair is completely dry before heading out of the house – the damp climate will cause any wetness to stay and can make your hair look limp and flat even at the start of the day.

And then, avoid touching your hair (especially the fringe area) throughout the day. Rain makes your hair porous, so it will absorb any sweat or heat from your hands, making your locks swell and frizz as the day goes on. Leave it alone!